Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"You're Not Gonna Find Anyone Innocent Here."

Ah, 1982... When the mainstream media became so terrified of the rising popularity of punk music that they started churning out all sorts half-baked disinformation to cash in on the panic. One of the classic expressions of this was the "Quincy, M.E." episode called "Next Stop, Nowhere" in which Jack Klugman tries to infiltrate this nihilistic netherworld to solve a murder. (I never understood the whole concept of a medical examiner having to overstep his bounds to fight crime, but that's a discussion for another time.) Over the years, this overheated hour of drama has become something of a cult classic in the real-life punk/indie scene. (There's even a group called the Quincy Punx.)

Here are some clips from this monument of cheese, but it's only the tip of this demented iceberg:

You might recognize the punk in Misfits-style ghoul makeup as John Volstad, who has had a long career in television, most notably as Larry's other brother Darryl in "Newhart." But if you get to see the whole episode, keep a close eye on the extras slam dancing around in the club scenes -- one of them is a very young Courtney Love.

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