Monday, September 10, 2007

Bollywood Monday: Meaningful Glance Theater.

I don't have any info on this in terms of film title, song title, performers, etc. However, we do get plenty of meaninful glances from the men to accent the choreography of the women. Plus a great way to end a dance number:


Beth said...

I see Rajat Kapoor...but I don't recognize anyone else (but that's not saying much - there are certainly many, many actors I wouldn't recognize). Hmmmm...tough one! Great song, though.

Beth said...

Oh wait! I spoke too soon. If you wade through the youtube comments - many of which are vile, as you point out - someone eventually names the movie: Mudda: The Issue. I gave the soundtrack a skim on smashits and found that the song is "Godanva," sung by Poornima and Arun Bakshi.

Eric B. said...

I agree with you on the YouTube comments. I can't stomach to do much more than skim them, even if I know the answer I'm looking for is buried in there somewhere. Thanks for the find!