Friday, November 16, 2007

Jukebox Friday: Camp From Across the Pond.

For no particular reason other than that I'm hopped up on cold medicine and feeling loopy, I'm declaring this Wacky Euro Day for this week's Jukebox Friday. Just keep in mind that we have the Eurovision Song Contest to blame for much of what follows.

From Finland, it's Armi & Danny doing "I Wanna Love You Tender":

La Bionda also wants to love you up. Here's an Italian television performance of "I Wanna Be Your Lover":

Live from the '80s, it's the French synth-jazz of Jean Michel Jarre doing "Zoolookologie"!:

Fredi Miller and his unibrow share some Slovenian lovin':

And as a bonus, here's Japan's own Pink Lady doing "S.O.S.":

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