Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Make It Right.

Can I just tell you how much I love watching "Holmes on Homes"? For those of you not in the know, the show is a Canadian production that features general contractor Mike Holmes fixing the messes left behind by bad contractors and showing how to, in his catchphrase, "make it right." It airs in the U.S. on the Discovery Home Channel. You can hop on over to Wikipedia to get the full story. (I'm such a geek that I wrote a drinking game for the show over at my personal blog.)

It's hard to say why I love the show so much, since Mike doesn't necessarily have the type of personality you'd expect to carry a show like this. But it's fun for me in a way that goes beyond my usual fascination with home repair -- especially in the later seasons, which feature more of Mike's supporting cast of workers and subcontractors.

Here are some clips, although they are hardly representative of some of the best moments from the show.

Some selections from the "Wall of Sound" episode. (This clip seems to have been cut together by the manufacturers of some of the products Mikes uses in this episode, so it highlights the products more than the show):

Mike supervises the removal of asbestos from a house that had formerly been used for a marijuana grow op (from "Gone to Pot"):

In the sixth season, Mike did a crossover with "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in which Ellen picked a viewer to have their home fixed by Mike. He and his chief crew member Damon Bennett make the trek from Toronto to the L.A. area for the episode "Pasadena 911." Here's Mike's appearance on Ellen's show in conjunction with this:

Mike offers some tips on the CBC News show "Marketplace":

During a visit to the Canadian network MuchMusic, the band Alexisonfire waxes enthusiastic about "Holmes on Homes" (among other things) and gets a surprise visit:

And finally, you can't have a popular show without parodies. This one is good for a few chuckles. It's "Holmes on Homes at Home":

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