Friday, June 27, 2008

Jukebox Friday: Vacation Edition.

It's time for a short summer hiatus here on the 'Tube, so this will be our last post until mid-July or so. To tide you over until then, here are a collection of oddball videos.

From 1983, the Swedish band Ubangi does "The Little Cat and the Dirty Dog":

Addictive, ain't it? That's why I present it to you again. Here's Ubangi doing that song live on Swedish TV:

Viking metal roolz! Here's Oort, hailing from Estonia, with their song "Ă–ised Orjad":

"I Feel Happy" by the Super Preachers:

Zlad has been called a musical version of Borat. You be the judge. Here is "I Am the Anti-Pope" (banned by the Eurovision Song Contest!):

And finally, a silly fan video for Wesley Willis' "Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's":

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